Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alfred Martial Arts

The Alfred Martial Arts Dojo was opened to the community on September 9, 2005, giving an official residence to Alfred’s longstanding Chidokwan Karate program, and to its equally longstanding, though not previously formalized, Hakkoryu Jujutsu program.

Prior to 2005, the Chidokwan Karate Program functioned strictly on the Alfred University and Alfred State College campuses as a karate club for college students. From the club’s initiation in 1974, through its 16th year -1990- it was called the “Alfred Karate Academy”. In 1991, Renshi Joseph Liberto changed the name of the club to the more inclusive “Alfred Martial Arts Association” so that college students hailing from martial arts styles other than Chidokwan would feel welcome, and valued, as they trained alongside Chidokwan students in an inclusive atmosphere.

When Shihan Elise Flynn opened the community dojo in 2005, she kept the name “Alfred Martial Arts” out of respect to Liberto’s open acceptance to those from other styles, and in honor of the unique philosophy of commonality and eclecticism that the Chidokwan system espoused. This dojo now houses two distinct martial arts programs- the Chidokwan Karate Program, headed by Shihan Flynn, and the Hakkoryu Jujutsu Program, headed by Shihan Walter Mackney.

Flynn also founded and offers the Tiny Tigers program at Alfred Martial Arts. This is a martial arts based program for children age 3-6 that feeds directly into the Chidokwan Karate Program as the participants reach age 7. Alfred Martial Arts also offers non-martial arts based community fitness and wellness programs such as cardio-kickboxing, yoga, body alignment and centering, and more." (http://alfredmartialarts.net/)

This is all from the Alfred Martial Arts Website. http://alfredmartialarts.net/

Specifically from here - http://alfredmartialarts.net/content/view/40/64/

The Alfred Martial Arts Dojo is down the road near the cemetery. It is very much a part of the culture of Alfred as well as the colleges, not in the form of the building but in the content of it.

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