Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hot Dog

Even though a hot dog is not a landmark in Alfred, it is a landmark in each Alfredian’s heart. The hot dog has been celebrated in Alfred since1972. This day is know as Hot Dog Day, it was started to help raise money for local charities, such as Alfred’s fire department and the Montessor School. Both Alfred University and Alfred State come together to help organize this event. It is celebrated in the spring, the third Saturday of April, on Main Street in the Town of Alfred. The event is focused on the hot dog because it is seen as a popular food among college students because it’s cheap and easy to prepare.

Many events take place during this time. Each year there is a parade, ice cream social at the fire station, a “fun run”, mud Olympics, carnival games, and a large act (band or conidian). Art students past and present will have stands set up on main street along with all of the games to sell some of their work. Hot Dog Day is also seen as a reunion time, alumni from both schools come back during this time.

Alfred Alumni began an annual tradition know was the FAHDD, which stands for (I’m not sure if this is correct but I found the information on their facebook page) Fuck Alfred Hot Dog Day. They started this tradition after Alfred University disbanded all fraternities and sororities in 2002. It is held around the same time as Alfred’s Hot Dog Day is but in a different location each year, last year they had their FAHDD on a cruise to the Bahamas. FAHDD is said to embody what Hot Dog Day used to be before 2002.

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  1. I think the talk of what FAHDD is would be something to look in to a little more, I think what is interesting to think that there is this suto hot dog day going on somewhere else in the world.