Thursday, February 18, 2010

WALF 89.7

Established in 1971, WALF has been on the top of college radios for a long time. In the Herrick Library’s archive site there is this clip of information on the foundation of the station: “ ‘Alfred's WALF is now on the air.’ That is what Mark O'Meara, one of the first of many DJs at Alfred University's campus radio station, declared in December 1971. With donations from AU Trustees Donald Roon and Robert Bromeley and 1950 alumnus Leslie Shershoff, radio equipment was purchased and the station established by AU students Joe Baird, Dave Steven and Joe Goff in the basement of 6 Sayles Street. In January 1975, the station was moved to the Steinheim where its facilities were further expanded in February 1977. The station generated some good publicity when Brandon Scholz conducted a radio marathon to help finance renovations, broadcasting for 73 consecutive hours in March 1978 and raising $1,500. The station moved into its present quarters on the ground floor of Powell Campus Center when the new student center opened in 1994.”
WALF features hourly radio shows, and anyone can sign up. From students playing their favorite music, to talk shows, live performances, and even a tech talk show, the listening opportunities are endless. WALF has consistently been on the top 20 for college radios by Princeton Review, and has been ranked 13th in 2010.
According to the WALF website, many people have been interviewed by the WALF contributors including Ralph Nader and Dar Williams.
So whether you are in the studio, driving around Alfred, or sitting in your room, you can listen to the music of your peers, on the radio, and now with new technology, you can stream it online.


  1. How do you stream it online is there a website? If so what is it, or is it on the alfred home page? Is there any statistics to how many students listen to the radio station?

  2. To Megan,
    Have you been to Alex's? If so, talk to the guy at the jukebox, who goes by the name of Ice. I hear he actually had a lot to do with the establishment of what we now know as WALF.