Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Language House, 12 Park Street

Built in 1900 this simple house has been a facet of the Division of Modern Languages for many years. According to the Alfred University website, “…the Language House is occupied each year by students who are studying a particular language and who are expected to speak it to one another while they are living there. The language spoken in the house changes each year. During the year, the students help promote cultural and linguistic activities sponsored by the Division of Modern Languages. The residents host a variety of events including foreign films, discussion groups, dinners, games and lectures.”
Within the house is a very interesting architecture. There are several bay windows, perfect for studying in the afternoon, and also various odd shaped closets, some even big enough to be a second bedroom. This Georgian-style house also features several beautiful art glass windows, seemingly popular among the older houses of Park Street.
While this location seems unimportant, the cultural value is huge. Learning a second language is a great skill to acquire, and also an asset to any job or travel excursion. With the population of our country becoming increasingly diverse, places similar to the Language House are an important part of understanding and comprehension of our society.
Stop into the Language House any time, you will find students eager to help you learn their second language, offer delicious meals from different countries, and often welcome you to sit in on their classes and foreign film viewings.

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