Monday, April 12, 2010

Alfred Freshmen Fashion

This is in the working so hang in there with me, though I wanted to post something before it got too late. I was reviewing my last blog entry and wanted to edit it to fit in with the personal Alfred and the audio tour mapping project. I originally did a color study on the color preferences for Alfred students and found that most students wear colors black white grey green blue and purple. However I wanted to expand this study to enclose a more unique view on Alfred fashion.
I remembered an article that I read as a freshmen about faux pas. I was able to dig through the fiat archives and find this article entitles "The freshman's guide to no being pegged as poorly dressed first-year student on campus! " by Sarah Harrison. This article highlights the common do's and don'ts about freshmen fashion. For example Freshmen were found to ware their lanyard complete with room key, ID and mail room key, but considered a major foux pa since many of us put these items in our pockets or bags. The next item on this list was wearing old high school gear and how these items should be replaced with AU pride wear, but that students at Alfred should not need to go as far as wearing everything Alfred and that a simple AU shirt will do. This article also makes mention of the all too common Ugg boots which had plagued the campus.
On a realistic note and some of my own observations I have noticed and found practical that wearing high heels around campus is a major no no unless you want to pull your self from between the metal stairs.
Depending on which kind of student you are on campus I feel dictates your wardrobe. Being Alfred many of us will have our long sleeves and hats and jeans right up till Hot dog day. Also if you are an art student you might be a fist out of water if you are caught wearing your studio drab in actual public outside of Alfred. This happened on a trip to Cornell University when we all got off the bus in our flannel shirts, earthy leggings and sweaters. We kinda felt like a dust ball that rolled across was such a contrast. I've also noticed that the higher up in Harder Hall you go the cleaner the people seem. When you work on design you don't have to worry about getting paint or ink all over your nice jeans or mud all over your self from ceramics. I've also found from working in ceramics that electronics have a shorter life span in these areas so usually students in these parts have army work mans proof phones.
Engineering students also have a dress code, though their clothing has less to do with function or association with their work. Their clothes will more than likely be Representative to their interests, perhaps a sports affiliation or towards comfort and aesthetics.
But one thing is for sure, Alfred brings out the country hick in ya' with our crochet hats and gloves to our outdoor sneakers and bikes and our constant reminder from nature that we are in the middle of no where far away from anything but Walmart fashion.

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  1. here is the link to that article if any care to read ...i thought it was pretty good