Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Village Hall, Fireman's Hall (Cop Shop)

The Village Hall is home to many different things and events. The police station is located there, also the village clerk, a courtroom, and a theater, and also hosts the Fireman's Ball. Sitting atop it's incredibly loud bell tower is a weathervane shaped as a fireman saving a child, which, if you look closely enough, has a bullet hole it in put there by a relative of Becky and Cameron Prophet when trying to shoot a bird off of it.

The police station within is very small. There are about 6 desks and two rooms for questioning. Most of the policemen's desks are lined with impressive glass art, or what some may know as marijuana pipes and bongs, presumably confiscated from students of both the university and state college. Although, it is very silly to see a police station filled with with drug paraphernalia sitting out completely out in the open.

There have been a number of community plays put on over the years (if anyone really wants a list, let me know and I can get it in a jiffy). Last summer, Jewel (Buckwalter) Agaard and Steve Crandall starred with other locals in a production of a play that's name escapes me at the moment. The theater itself is small, but very well handcrafted and preserved, with an old fashioned ticket booth and all.

...more to come.

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