Friday, April 16, 2010


Alfred is not a town where many stores are known to be open. The one place in town that is always reliable is Kinfolk- the petite grocery providing local and organic food. Going there always provides a much needed break and quick walk! Whether it be brownies, bean curd or bacon, Kinfolk will provide you with almost any cooking necessity. This little store provides a wonderful array of spices and seasonings(my favorite part of the shop) in a self help section that you can measure out and put in little bags for yourself. Kinfolk is a special little store that is not commonly seen in neighborhoods. It provides the community with a haven of healthy delicious food, provided through the commitment of the owners -Jessin and Elliot.

When a student who was visiting for the summer ask a local where they could get toothpaste one Saturday they sent her to Kinfolk. This is her account of the store "They sent me to an apothecary with dirt floors run by a little dwarf."
- This is true Kinfolk provides a magical escape with a taste of love.

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