Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Community Bank

The bank on Main Street was originally established in 1882. It was a "University Bank", run by bank president William H. Crandall, and was located at 17 Main St. The bank was very decorative and classy looking, fine carved wood on the interior and large windows looking out onto the street.

The bank was a University Bank from 1882 to 1951 when they consolidated to Citizens Bank, also moving locations to the current building at 39 North Main in 1963.
The bank now located on North Main St. is the only bank within the Village of Alfred. It is currently a Community Bank. The building, originally built in 1963, started as a Citizens National Bank. In the early 1980's, the bank changed companies and switched to a Key Bank. Finally, in 1997 it became what it is today, a Community Bank.
(Information and pictures from "Images of America, Alfred and Alfred Station" by Laurie Lounsberry McFadden)

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