Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Night Walk: Harder to Pine Hill

As an arts student I spend the majority of my time in Harder Hall. I have lived on campus for the past three years of my experience at Alfred, and for two of them my Sophomore and Junior year I have lived in the same suite in the Davis building of lower Pine Hill. Most nights my day is finished somewhere between 9-2 AM when I leave the studio, make a detour through Binns, check my mailbox in the campus mail room and then walk the high road from Powell Campus center back to the Pine Hill Suites. I am going to complete and post an audio "tour" if you will, cataloging my evening journey.
I talk to prospective students and parents often as part of my Resident Assistant position. More often than not either parents or students or both have the question about feeling secure on campus or some doubts about the idea of walking home by oneself at night. However, for those of us living on Alfred's campus we know that it is simply a safe place to be, no more explanation needed. It is a top notch art school where after spending all night and part of the next morning working on can be home in 10 minuets walk or less (depending on the weather) without any worry of harrasment, transportation problems or running into any unsavory characters. The experience of the evening walk home for students at our arts school counterparts in New York City are quite the contrast to the peacefulness of Alfred.

I will post the audio content on this page as soon as I have it. (Most likely Saturday morning)

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