Thursday, April 8, 2010

We need your help! :D

Hey All,
We went through the information that has already been posted on the blog, and we chose sites on campus that we are interested in discussing. We’ve made a master list that also includes sites that we’d like to know more about. So here is a list of specific questions that our group has about all of these buildings.

Overall info that we would like for ALL of the buildings (including Libraries, sites of Fire and Future Plans):
when was the building built?
what were its functions over time?
physical and functional transformations & significant dates thereof?
important people associated with buildings?

powell campus center
the gothic
allen hall
south hall
stull observatory
susan howell hall
seidlin hall
davis gym
40 north main street (the gallery)
davis memorial carillon
alumni hall

Alfred Union Library
Kenyon Hall (used to be where powell is now)
Rogers Hall (also used to be where powell is now)
Herrick Library
Harder Hall
Scholes Library


Middle Hall
Burdick Hall
Kanakadea Hall
Babcock Hall
Fasano House
The Brick

Merrill Field
Harder Hall
Miller Performing Arts Center
Language House (12 Park Street)

Thanks, everybody!!

Team Tortuga
(aka the Transformation Group)

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  1. hey there!
    I found a bit of info on scholes library- right on the AU website.

    It was first established in 1947 to house the library for the NYSCC (presumably after it was determined that Harder Hall was not structurally sound enough to bear the load?). Named after a notable glass scientist, Samuel R. Scholes, it now contains 100,000 bound volumes, 60,000 research reports, 160,000 slides, and "a variety of other materials".